Team Building Attractions in Lincoln

An effective and enjoyable workplace environment is fueled by communication and teamwork. These skills are both key to solving an escape room! Lincoln Escape Room offers different themed opportunities for a team to work together and have some fun. Groups will have sixty minutes to combine your wit and intellect to solve puzzles and escape the room.


The Lincoln Escape Room allows for groups to reserve more than one room to start at the same time so that all of your team is accommodated. In the newly expanded space, there is plenty of room in the lobby for a large group to mingle and plot their strategy for escape.

This exhilarating experience gives memories that are beyond the trust fall and campfire talks that are offered in other “typical” team building. It incorporates movement, communication, talking, and thinking to make a well-rounded team building experience for every personality type.

You can fill out a group booking request on the Escape Room website, lincolnescaperoom.com or simply call 402 432-7306.


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