Sir Johann Meyers is one of the leading contemporary composers of the century, and you are his valued students. A horrific crime recently occurred outside of the private studio where Sir Johann composes his masterpiece work. A hit that was meant for him was carried out on one of his top competitors; a composer with whom he had rivalry since their days in Juilliard.

He has been framed for the crime by the person who ordered the hit: his former Juilliard professor, Dr. Orville J Malkovich. Malkovich is especially jealous of Johann’s work and convinced that his students stole his spotlight and destroyed his reputation.

Johann retreated into hiding to avoid prison and the hitmen trying to find him. However, there is one piece of evidence that will exonerate him: a videotape of a private concert the night of the crime that would provide him with an air-tight alibi.

After receiving a secret letter you discover that as his loyal students, you have access to his private studio where you can find the hidden tape and turn it in to the police. Maybe in your quest to find the video, you will also be able to help solve the crime and save Johann’s life! But time is ticking–Malkovich’s team checks the studio every hour for Johann’s return. Get the tape and get out before you become the next victim!