Event planning for corporate outtings

Corporate Team Building

When it comes to planning a company event, anyone who has tried to organize one knows how frustrating it can be to find a group activity that brings everyone together in a relaxed environment that encourages communication and teamwork, but is also fun for everyone involved. Finding a decent icebreaker for new employees or a teamwork opportunity for existing employees isn’t always easy for every age group, either. Luckily, however, there’s a new and entertaining activity that’s growing in the Lincoln area, and it’s the perfect fit for your needs!

The Lincoln Escape Room, located at 3700 S 9th Street, just off of Pioneers Boulevard, is the perfect place to bring coworkers, friends, family, and peers for a fun and engaging challenge. The purpose of an Escape Room is to, well, escape! Your group will be “locked” in one of 3 themed rooms, and as you find hidden clues and solve various puzzles, you must work together to complete a mission and escape the room.


Team Building
What’s great about an Escape Room is that it’s not your average run-of-the-mill dinner and bowling night that ends up being the same experience every time. Escape Rooms offer a unique and exciting experience that presents a mentally simulating challenge with a twist. Since your group is trying to complete a mission together, you’re required to use your communication and teamwork skills to solve puzzles and find clues; so it’s a great way to get to see how people think outside of the box, work with others, and demonstrate leadership.

The Lincoln Escape Room offers 3 separate challenges, each with a specific mission. You may be required to solve a mystery, perform a heist, or even save the world! Each challenge must be solved within a 60-minute time limit, and if you don’t escape within the hour, you will be trapped! (Not really, but the idea adds to the drama of the game). Each of the rooms has a different maximum capacity, and overall, as many as 25 people can try an escape challenge at once. This means you can bring in the whole office and see which team can escape first!

Booking an event with the Lincoln Escape Room is easy. Through the website, you can select your team size and preferred date, and book directly and securely from your home computer or mobile device. If you have a group larger that the maximum capacity of an individual room, then you can simply fill out a large group request through the website. Responses are quick and thorough, and you can be sure to have all of your questions answered by the friendly and helpful staff.
The Lincoln Escape Room is the largest and highest-rated escape challenge in Lincoln, and it will be the water-cooler topic at your office long after your group completes the game. For more information and to book you room today, visit www.lincolnescaperoom.com, or call (402) 432-7306.