It is a trend sweeping across the globe. A tradition…nobody should participate in. People are eating tide pods. Seriously. Anyways, we obviously do not recommend anyone participate in this trend ESPECIALLY before you come try one of our escape rooms. Instead, we are going to provide a list of a couple of restaurants for you to eat at before you come for your escape experience.

Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

Craving some oriental food? Shogun has a diverse menu that will satisfy your appetite. Check out their menu here!

The Warm Cookie

Satisify your sweet tooth before or after your escape room experience. The Warm Cookie is one of the best in town at satisfying your sweet tooth. Check out their website now!

Hi-Way Diner

Looking for a place with great comfort food? We got you covered. Hi-Way Diner has been serving the community for over 30 years and is open 24/7! Check out their delicious menu here.

Make sure to check out our awesome neighbors for a great meal before (or after) your escape room experience!